Why Work for Proveli

Are you passionate about your career and being valued as an individual? Proveli might be just the place for you as we’re passionate about our employees bringing value to our team by being themselves. We believe that our employees are our most important resource, which is why we endeavor to hire the best and brightest and invest in their personal and professional development. At Proveli, we strive to create an environment that is both diverse and inclusive. We encourage entrepreneurial zeal and personal development that builds upon our employees’ unique talents. As a member of the Proveli team, you don’t just have a job — you have the opportunity to develop and advance across a dynamic array of businesses that includes manufacturing, education, and other service-oriented workplaces.

The Top 5 reasons to work for a Proveli Company

Be a member of a winning team. We’re leaders. Our companies work hard to raise the bar in the industries we exist. We often find our competitors adjusting their approach to the marketplace in reaction to our strategies. We like to be disruptive to industries and have fun along the way! Our culture. We take care of our employees, and our employees take care of our customers. Maintaining strong company culture is important to us. In fact, we have employees who have the title “Keeper of the Culture”! Growth, training, and advancement. When you join the Proveli team, you can be assured that we are committed to your ongoing training, growth, and advancement within the company. Be yourself. Make us better. At Proveli, we understand the importance of utilizing each individual’s talents and strengths. We work hard to identify and recruit the people who we believe will naturally excel in a given position. You can build a career here. We strive to maintain an environment in which employees have the opportunity for advancement. The fastest way for advancement within a Proveli company is to focus on creating value for the customer. This is recognized. In a growing company, there are always new roles that need to be filled, and we firmly believe in promoting from within whenever and wherever possible.

We are committed to partnering with people who believe in raising the bar in the workplace and in the marketplace.

At Proveli, we have an incredible team that collaborates, communicates, and executes with the highest level of efficiency. Every quarter we establish a Wildly Important Goal (WIG), and every department displays and updates their own scoreboards, each of which flows into one team scoreboard. After all, we’re each playing the great game of business. By making this apparent, every team member understands what is happening at Proveli and why; this fact is reflected in our printed agendas, clear KPI’s, regular learning events, reward programs, and, of course, our clearly stated goals. We cultivate a positive culture that fosters and promotes success. This is why Proveli always has two team members that hold the title of “Keeper of the Culture,” whose job it is to ensure that we are living up to the cultural goals we’ve established for ourselves. Our philosophy is that culture matters. In order for a business to have a solid foundation, it must have a solid culture. Simply stated, our culture is who we are and why we do the things we do. The Proveli vision is one of continued support for the development of a culture that embraces and fosters sharing, creativity, ownership, and execution. By continually supporting our culture, we ensure that our foundation is secure so that our organization will continue to enjoy exceptional growth now and in the future. A clearly defined culture is essential for consistent progress. Every company Proveli owns and operates shares this valuable resource. Are you reliable, supportive, self-starting, positive, and take ownership? Are you looking to work for a company with a great culture? If so, please apply today! We would love to meet you and grow together.

Apply today to join TEAM Proveli.

Our greatest asset is our passionate and dedicated team. Do you have the skill set and drive to help execute our strategic objectives? Proveli is constantly searching for the absolute best talent to join our growing team. If you you feel would be a good fit for Proveli, please let us know by applying today! We encourage you to read about how we’ve cultivated a unique and dynamic culture at Proveli — one that helps us build companies that make a difference.