“Our companies will raise the bar in the workplace and in the marketplace within the industries we exist.”

We’re  creating an environment that allows for personal development, open communication, employee empowerment and recognition.
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Disruptive to Industries and Creating Optimal Work Environments


Founded by two brothers who have worked together for over a decade, Proveli is a privately held business that seeks not only to challenge the status quo but also to create optimal work environments. Reinhardt and Thomas are dedicated to investing in industries in which they firmly believe and, along the way, making a profound difference in the way these industries conduct business.

At Proveli, we understand that employees spend most of their time at work. As a result, we strive to make our workplaces dynamic and optimal environments. Those who work with Proveli will find themselves contributing to an atmosphere in which everyone is consistently learning and developing on both a personal and professional level.

Proveli’s proven management system has been developed by our people and for our people and is used to guide our current, future, and past companies.
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